Disney Zombies Deluxe Eliza Costume for Girls

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She says she wants a RevolutionThings in Zombietown are all right for now. There’s work. Young zombies can go to school, though there’s the old issue of the bad zombie reputation going around the preppy town of Seabrook. Yes, zombies used to eat brains. And yes, that’s pretty gross. But the thing is, they’ve worked as hard as they could to find a brain alternative. It’s from a can. It’s vegetarian. It doesn’t taste great but hey, it allows the community to work together and isn’t that what matters? The thing is, there are some serious aspects missing. For instance, zombies have to wear uniforms. And no one undead can have a dog. What is life without being able to have dogs by your side? Eliza is there to stand up and let everyone know that “better” isn’t good enough. She’s all about that rising up until the undead and living are equal again. Product DetailsEliza might not love having to wear a uniform but this costume sure is cute! The costume has slim fit marroon pants and a sweet jacket with the Seabrook labs logo on the back. The short-sleeved jacket has gold trim on the shoulder as well as around the sleeve. The patches of color hint at Eliza’s rebellious rough and tumble spirit. The best part, there’s no need to add any gore to finish this zombified look. Simply color your child’s hair green and paint her face pale and she’d look right at home in Zombietown. Cue the MusicAre you ready to see your child light up? She’s going to love this licensed look from Disney’s hit Z-O-M-B-I-E-S movie. Pair her costume with the rest of our Disney zombie looks from Zoe to Zed and yes, we’ll allow Addison along too. Won’t be long and they’ll be ready to take Seabrook by musical storm!

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