Dreamland Alice Costume for Girls


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What do you get when you cross a child that’s been caffeinated by Earl Gray all afternoon with a nap under a tree? Well, you get some pretty crazy dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dream with as much action as Alice’s? When we adults dream it mostly features us trying to order a pizza but our phone keeps turning into a turtle and our fingers keep turning into pepperonis. But hey, not all of us can be Lewis Carroll. For someone who’s fallen down a rabbit hole, Alice looks pretty nicely put together in all of her illustrations. Your little girl will love traveling through the different twists and turns of Wonderland. Just warn her about the bottle and cake. Even though they are labeled Drink Me andEat Me they don’t say Drink All Of Me. Well, when it comes to dreams, no one is very good at restraining themselves. Maybe your little girl will have better luck at getting a sip of tea at the mad tea party than the original Alice. Who knows, maybe she’ll even be able to talk the Queen of Hearts into a peaceable mood. When she’s looking this charming in the classic blue dress with its white apron it’s conceivable that she would soften up that old card. Whether your little girl is dressing up for a school play or going as the adventurous Alice for Halloween she’ll be instantly recognizable as the classic storybook character. She’ll love the adorable full skirt and peter pan collar so much that she might not want to take it off. Which would be fine, having a little Alice around might just inspire more interesting dreams than the one where your car keys keep disappearing.

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