Dru Adult Costume from Despicable Me


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Some super villains have all the luck. Take a look at Dru. He has oodles of money, luxurious blonde hair and all the super-evil gadgets a man could possibly want. He even has a jet car that can turn into a submarine, which can also climb walls. Now, he even has a twin brother! The only thing he’s never had much luck at is actually engaging in super villainy. After over 50 years, the world doesn’t even know his name! It could be due to his clumsiness, but maybe you could give him a hand and help him make a name for himself.You’re going to put Dru’s name on the map by wearing this Despicable Me 3 Dru costume. When you wear it, you should have no problem feeling like a villain incognito. It comes with the white top and pants set, which recreates Dru’s signature style from the movie. It also comes with the molded mask, which gives you Dru’s smiling face and blonde hairdo! Of course, you might have to provide all of the neat gadgets needed to become one of the greatest villains that the world has ever known.Make sure to team up with plenty of our Minions costumes to assemble your own team of mischief makers. Just be on the lookout for Gru and Lucy when you wear this outfit. They may just try to take you in to the Anti-Villain League for some questioning!

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