Egyptian Anubis Mask


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At Death’s DoorWhen Anubis got a job as the underworld’s bouncer, he didn’t think he’d have any trouble. After all, the folks at the party were literally dead. What uninvited soul would want in this particular club? Well, it turns out, there are always people lining up to get into the Necropolis to “try and rescue” someone in their life. You know the drill, some guy is always trying to bring his soulmate who was taken too soon back to the land of the living. With a dog like this at the door, no one will dare cross death’s door without an invite. Product DetailsStay comfortable all Halloween with this molded latex mask. A metallic finish finishes off both the gold molded fabric and the angry jackal skin. No souls will dare to pull any funny stuff with you when they see your wide snarl and angry expression. It has tall ears and a long snout so even if it’s dark people will be able to see your epic, godlike profile.No Hall passesAnubis always stands strong no matter what comes to death’s gates. And when the living talks about how Hades let so-and-so take a challenge and escape death, Anubis strongly reminds them that his Necropolis is an exclusive city, not some down and out river of the dead like the river Styx. That kind of attitude is exactly why this jackal god has always been the only guy for the job!

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