Egyptian Goddess Bastet Costume for Women


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Your Meow-jestyIt’s no wonder that the Egyptians assumed that cats were connected to a higher power. Cats do what they do and they do it with confidence. It doesn’t matter where those cats are hanging out. Give a cat access to the White House executive desk and you’ll catch them knocking the presidential pen off the desk. We like to imagine the cats of the Nile getting tangled up in the mummifying gauze and looking up at the dignified priests like, “what”.The cat-like goddess Bastet is one that we all could get in touch with. She’s a boss. She made sure that the mothers of Egypt were taken care of. She made sure that the rodents of Egypt didn’t eat all the profits of the fertile crescent. Some mythologies even gave her the war-like title of protector of Egypt. We like to think that all cat-lovers have a part of Bastet deep down inside. This Halloween, sharpen those claws and perk up your feline nature!Product Details & DesignThis gorgeous lightweight black and gold costume is Made-By-Us. Our designers researched both Egyptian looks as well as the goddess’s look to create this fashionable and fun look. The top is a blend of metallic gold and lightweight sparkly gauze. The skirt has a center panel with hieroglyphics over the twisting lightweight skirt. With the cold shoulder black body suit underneath, this look is a sleek showstopper that would look right at home at the pyramids. The whole ensemble is topped off with a knit mesh cap with gold stripes on the ears. Crowns Not CollarsIt’s about time that cats got back some of that Egyptian respect back! No more Youtube videos of cats getting caught in blinds and missing their jumps. Bastet will set it right. Suit up in this gorgeous ensemble and it won’t be long until cats are running the kingdom again.

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