Elf on the Shelf Costume for Girls


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The Elf on the Shelf is making a comeback and for good reason. Elves are ready to make Christmas weird again and all of us modern folk are loving it. Gone are the days of the elves simply hanging out on simple mantels or perching in evergreen branches. No, the modern elf on the shelf is ready to do what elves do best, make some mischief. These modern elves sneak into the kitchen at midnight to have some fun. We’ve seen an elf make angels in a pile of spilled salt on the kitchen table. We’ve stumbled upon one particularly adventurous elf floating around in a cup in the soapy dishwater dressed as a pirate. Now, that was interesting! Christmas time seems to erupt in craziness as soon as we let our elf out. The shopping list is suddenly full of request for candy canes and cookies written in tiny print and marshmallows are launched at various figurines in an attempt to start an indoor snowball fight. Things really got out of control when an elf got out of storage in January and decided to go ziplining around the house for one last hurrah! Whether your daughter is sweet or mischievous she’s sure to love this adorable Elf of the Shelf costume. The ensemble includes a red shirt with a wide white collar, a white skirt with snowflakes designs, the classic coned hat, and a pair of white mittens. All she needs now is a pair of red tights to make this look complete. It’s perfect for Christmas or letting Christmas come early for a festive Halloween costume. Either way, we’re all excited to welcome back Elf on the Shelf this year!

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