Empress Divine Women’s Costume

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Royal by the RiversideThere are plenty of amazing royal palaces out there. For instance, the Windsors really knew how to build a palace. All those rooms and so little time. Wowza! And let’s not forget Versailles. King Louis in France created a whole new level of fancy with the Rococo style. A hall that’s covered in mirrors and trimmed in gold? That’s pretty fancy. And while Egypt is more well-known for their fancy cities for the dead than their palaces for the living, we all know that Egyptian royalty knew how to live it up. And the view of the Nile in Alexandria couldn’t be beaten. Tiers of marble courtyards, piazzas with linen canopies, and the bright blue of the water below? Now that’s a view fit for royalty, no overly fussy golden mirrors needed. Basically, Egyptian royals knew how to work it! Picture yourself in this royal setting. What are you wearing while taking in your kingdom? If you’re picturing yourself in a little something slinky and lightweight, this costume is the way to go! Forget palaces, the best way to really set the scene is some non-stop royal confidence!Product DetailsThis dramatic look is a great take on Egyptian royalty. Perfect for Cleopatra as well as the goddess Isis, this look will be a favorite go-to. It features a bodysuit with a deep v-neck that’s secured with a neckpiece for a halter fit. Sheer fabric drapes from around the back and parts in the front. A panel with an Egyptian Ankh falls in the front for a ceremonial look. Golden gauntlets with a sheer panel attached makes posing extra picturesque.Princess of the PyramidsTaking on a royal look will always make you feel more powerful. The trick is getting people to see how royal you are! Pair this costume with gladiator sandals for a costume that’ll make people bow with respect as you go by!

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