Evil Executioner Costume for Women

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Executive ExecuterWhen there’s a dirty job to do, are you the one to call? You’re not going to stand there wringing your hands, you’re going to take a deep breath and get to work! Here’s the thing, while the public executions of the Medieval Era might seem. . . well Medieval to us, it’s not like we can blame the executioners for the carnage. Folks sent the sorry souls to their grisly ends and the executioner was just the one to wield the ax. In a way, an executioner that had an accurate stroke and a sharp ax was a sort of hero. That just goes to show, whatever job you might be doing, if you do it well you’re sure to rise in the ranks. Maybe you start out executing poachers and pirates but do a great job and you’ll be taking care of traitors of the throne in no time! It might be a dirty job but you’re the one to do it well!Product Details & DesignThis Made-By-Us female executioner costume is sure to stand out in a crowd. Our creative team designed this wicked, tattered gray dress that’s accented by a gnarly blood-spattered apron. The wide hood is attached to the dress and complimented with a faux leather eye mask that secures with an elastic band for a comfortable fit. Crashing Career Day It’s probably a good thing that the role of executioner is no longer a thing in today’s society. Even the best executioner wouldn’t be allowed into career days. But it’s not like this awesome look is out of date. You’re sure to be a hit at Halloween parties. And if you want to shake up that Medieval themed party you’re recently invited to, we’d be proud if you showed up in this look. After all, when it comes to the 1400’s let’s not pretend everyone was a pleasant prince or princess. Someone had to do the dirty work!

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