Evil Madame Girl’s Wig


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What Schemes Are Made of Over the top villains have the best schemes. Some plan to take over the world with a giant ray. Others simply want to rob a house under the watch of a charismatic eight-year-old. Whatever the scheme might be, villains usually lose out because they underestimate their victims. They spend time explaining their plot to the superhero in chains while his companion figures out the override code to the laser. They succumb to following the child into his painful traps. Or they figure that tracking down one-hundred spotted puppies shouldn’t be hard, and put their bumbling stooges on the case. Taking on the role of a scheming villain usually isn’t worth it. Unless that is, the villain happens to be one of the best-dressed baddies out there!Costume DetailsThis lovely black and white wig will help transform any child into a chic villainess. The bob is reminiscent of a fifties style perm. Tousled loose curls frame the face and will let your child embrace her wild yet fabulous character. Pair this wig with a lovely red lip and a faux fur coat and your kiddo will be dressed to impress. Just be warned, dog owners may not let this fabulous character cuddle their puppies.

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