Fade In/Out Devil Boy’s Costume XL


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Devilishly FriendlyYour kid has always been good at making friends. They always make sure even the shyest of their friends feel comfortable in new situations and that no one feels left out at any get together. So, you were a bit surprised when they started spending more time at home. Every day after school they’d sprint to the basement. Expect for dinner time and bed they’d keep to themselves and you assumed they were playing games on their own.Then one night you heard your kid sneaking out of their room and down the basement stairs. You followed just a bit behind and listened at the top of the landing to hear what they were up to well after midnight. A voice answered theirs and you raced down to find a strange ghoulish figure sitting on the couch right next to your child. After a long explanation and a bit of consoling your kiddo managed to make everything clear. Your friendly child had made a new companion with this little lost devil that wanted nothing more than to see what Halloween was all about.Product DetailsThe plan was quite simple. Your charming kid would keep their new friend from standing out while the pair went trick-or-treating with this Fade In/Out Devil Costume. The fiery red robe with its zig-zag hems is just spooky enough to work. They’ll look as eerie as their friend when they wear the included gloves, pointed tail, and elaborate pullover hood. To give the hood its extra devilish look a pair of devil horns are attached to the top and red glowing eyes fade in and out from a darkened mesh panel with the use of AA batteries.Spirit of FriendshipA devil may not seem like the friendliest costume option, but when your kiddo wears this Fade In/Out Devil Costume there’ll be no doubt they’re just making sure that every Halloween spirit feels included in the fun!

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