Far Out Hippie Girl’s Costume


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A BRIGHT NEW HEROVillains, beware! Just when you think that the world is on the brink of doom—just when you think the time is right to strike and bring your wicked mayhem to secure your evil victory—a dazzling hope appears! Neither darkness nor dreary dread can touch the inspiring peace and flower power of Far Out Hippie Girl! We’ve got to admit that we’re not 100% sure what kinds of powers that this amazing lass can bring to bear. We’re not even sure where she came from! Was it time travel? Does she have mysterious technology that let her leap forward through time from the 70s to come to us now, in the moment of our greatest need? Is her flower power literal and she can transform into a psychedelic bud and sleep until the new dawn? Perhaps she’s made of neon light and only chose now to manifest. Who can say what brought this groovy champion of mellow melodies, peace, and love?DESIGN & DETAILSWhile none in the public may know the truth, we’re aware that it’s you who are about to gift your precious darling with this exclusive Far Out Hippie costume. Our department of Hero Tech designers have designed this lovely dress just for your kiddo. Most of us are pretty sure this is only a beautiful look that features an all-over print of flowery bursts, flared out sleeves, and an above-the-knee hemline, all in stellar 70s style. But, coming from our Hero team, this must grant some crazy power, too!DAZZLING DANCE MOVESIt’s entirely possible that the powers of this Far Out dress rely entirely on how awesome the 70s were and how groovy your kiddo is going to look while practicing some disco steps in this dress from yesteryear. But, who knows? This might be the start of a brand new era of heroic peace!

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