Feather Mardi Gras Deluxe Mask


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A Midnight WaltzAs soon as the invitation arrived, the party emanated intrigue and elegance. A black, silky envelope. A gold-trimmed card telling the time, place, and the necessity of all the guests remaining masked until midnight. Missing from the card’s details? The host of the fete. Of course, almost everyone who received an invitation accepted, showing up to the decadent country house in their finest. And while some struggled under horse masks and politician’s molded plastic faces, the finest revelers, entered wearing the timeless feathers and shine of the Mardi Gras mask!Product DetailsIn the long tradition of the Mardi Gras mask, this mask does not disappoint. The classic shape is decorated in colorful, shining spiderwebs while the top is rich with sequins. Purple feathers form a corona to add some serious, Mardi Gras worthy drama. Tie the black ribbons around your head and you’ll be ready for any mysterious invites that come your way. RSVP in StyleWhile anonymous invites never end well, in the movies, it’s always good to have costume staples ready for any opportunity that might come along. This mask along with long gloves and a feather boa can make any elegant outfit a costume that’s ready to dazzle!

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