Feather Mardi Gras Mask


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You’re GoldenThe masked ball… it’s a dying art. Maybe that’s because even rich people don’t have ballrooms these days. Maybe it’s because people just aren’t wearing those puffy skirts and short, fitted pantaloons that were so perfect for twirling around a mirror, gold filigree room. We don’t think people are going to add ballrooms to their new homes. We also don’t think that people are going to start wearing sixty pounds of silk, whalebone, and lace to go out. There’s one thing we can save from the masked ball era, however. That’s right, the mask itself!Product DetailsThis metallic golden mask is the perfect way to top off your outfit. The mask has a scrolling pattern cut into the faux leather for a lush feel. The mask has thoughtful touches such as a soft, felt lining and an elastic band that secures around your head. Celebratory details such as sparkles, a flair of feathers on the side, and curling ribbons will make you feel like a star. The traditional Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple make this mask Mardi Gras party-ready. Whether you’re heading to a masked ball or partying in the streets, you’ll love bringing the best part of the masked ball into the modern era!

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