Firefighter Tan Uniform Costume for Kids

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A Real FirefighterYou knew your kid wanted to be a firefighter for Halloween. You patted yourself on the back all week about how proactive you were—you went out weeks in advance, before pickings got slim, and selected the very best fire-engine-red uniform with a matching, shiny red cap! You even found an awesome Dalmatian stuffed animal as a cute accessory! Unfortunately, when you got home, you realized your mistake. I want to be a REAL firefighter, not a little kid one, your child said. Sigh, they grow up so fast. Here you thought your kiddo was still infatuated with the red truck of their youth, when they’ve been busy gearing up to actually join the bonafide fire department! It’s OK. It happens to every parent. Since your child is determined to become the real deal, they’ll need an authentic look, like this Kid’s Tan Firefighter Costume. Gone are the cutesy details—this outfit is 100% life-saving, dedicated heroism at its best!Design & DetailsThis is definitely not a “little kid” fire uniform! Nope! It’s the recreation of official tan firefighters’ uniforms, down to the reflective stripes. When your kiddo actually joins the local fire department, he’ll get a regulation jacket, pants, and helmet—and our costume contains the same! This set is made from sturdy canvas, and features a reinforced knee on the pants, along with special clasps on the jacket. The patches look totally authentic, and the helmet is a cool black (not cherry red!) hue that looks authoritative. Your firefighter’s ready for a three-alarm fire…you know…right after snack time.Burning LoveDon’t worry—they’ll always be your little kiddo at heart and you love them fiercely for that! And just so you know, you were right on track with that Dalmatian—they just want the real thing instead of the stuffed animal! Enjoy trick-or-treating; nothing turns a “grown-up” firefighter back into a little kid faster than a bucket of candy!

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