First Class Flight Attendant Costume for Women


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Class It UpAdmit it, you’ve peeked around the first class curtain to see what life is like up there. Or perhaps you’ve used the first class cabin lavatory, claiming the other was “out of commission.” We don’t blame you—life in first class is sweet! The epic leg room. The fully-reclining seats. The hot, lemon-scented towels. The complimentary mimosas and wine. The food that resembles real food (actually, these days, it’s a treat to get food at all on a flight!). Yep, first class is, well, really classy. And don’t even get us started on what happens on those long, international flights. Heavenly.So when you think about the kind of flight attendant you’d like to become this Halloween, think big. Think first class! Here, we’ll help you—this Women’s First Class Flight Attendant Costume is poised to help you take off to new heights. Not to mention, red is totally your color!Design & DetailsOur design team took first-class flights every week during this costume’s production, in order to perfect the look. OK, not really, but they sure would have liked to! Even so, they really honed in on what makes that front cabin so special: the details! This costume comes with a delicately-trimmed red jacket and matching pencil skirt, as well as a matching cap. The fitted jacket also boasts a sweet and delicate tied belt, in contrasting white. There is an included pair of white gloves—perfect for handling delicate glassware—and a white neck scarf. A set of wing pins polishes off this look with authenticity! First in Fun Now that it’s abundantly clear that folks are having more fun up in first class…join them! You belong with the creme de la creme, the elite of the airlines, and the most haute and hip crew of Halloween!

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