Five Nights at Freddy’s Adult Chica Costume


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There aren’t many things more terrifying than the animatronic animals at the pizza parlor near your childhood home. Maybe it was the dead look in their eyes, or perhaps the overly friendly smile stretched across their faces or just those creepy voices that were paired with their appalling appearances. More than likely it’s the combination of all three. Yikes! We’re getting chills just thinking about the last time we ran into one of these awful night terrors. But if scary is what you’re going for this Halloween, then look no further!This Chica the Chicken Costume is sure to scare the eggs right out of your friends and neighbors. This demented version of a chicken will have everyone flying the coop, especially when you stand at the end of a long dark hallway without speaking a single word and offer only a lifeless stare. Just because this robotic animal is an entertainer in the daylight, don’t let others be fooled by the cutesy bib. Putting a smile on people’s faces is the last thing Chica cares to do in the dark of night. No, Chica, or rather the ghost that possesses Chica, is out for revenge even if it means cracking a few eggs along the way. So make sure you’re not suddenly taken over by vengeful spirits, else your friends and family may be in for five frightful nights!Show everyone what true fear is and bring back to life the robotic horrors we all knew at such a young age with this Five Night at Freddy’s themed costume!

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