Five Nights at Freddy’s Bonnie Mask for Kids


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Kids these days—we tell you! It used to be that a story about the bogeyman would put a scare into a child. But now, they’re not afraid of the ghouls and goblins of yesteryear. There are just too many TV shows with frightening zombies and ghosts, so those things just produce a yawn out of this new breed of stalwart children. Some of these kids can even play a full game of Five Nights at Freddy without wetting their pants (a feat we have yet to accomplish).Well, we say that it’s time to just roll with it. If your child is completely unafraid of animatronic monsters, then maybe it’s time they used their complete lack of fear to scare other unsuspecting victims! Yes, your child can wear this Bonnie mask, which comes with an attached hood, to scare the pants off of anyone who wanders near your home this Halloween. It’ll be unsettling for everyone (except your kid who is immune to the scary vibes this mask puts off).

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