Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Mask for Kids


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It’s the most interesting fox in the world.Foxy seems like the kind of animatronic killing machine that we could hang out with, you know? He’s not quite as abrasive as Chica, the crazed chicken thing and well, Freddy Fazbear is too predictable and boring to really hang out with. If your child is thinking about dressing up like one of that Five Nights at Freddy’s characters, then you definitely want to encourage them to get this kids Foxy mask.This licensed FNAF mask will turn your kid into the terrifying, but oddly intriguing Foxy the Pirate. It also comes with an attached hood that helps complete the illusion. Not only will your little one be terrifying to other kids in the neighborhood, but you might feel compelled to ask him where he got that eye patch and if he wants to travel across the planet having adventures in faraway pizza parlors. Or maybe not, we’re just saying…

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