Flaming Diva Women’s Costume


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All Fired UpAhh, vacation. You’ve got years off from working in hell. As an immortal demon, a few years feels like a weekend so you’re going to make the most of your time on this earthly plane. How are you going to use this time? Why not learn a new hobby that you can use in the fire and brimstone depths of the pit. Do you know what would be a real blast? Perhaps you could bring the two worlds together by convincing a bartender to mix up some flaming drinks. The demons below are sure to be delighted when you bring back a recipe for the Flaming Volcano or a sweet and creamy Bailey’s Comet. Because who says a touch of tiki can’t make eternal torment a little more pleasant? Product DetailsThis flaming dress is a real stunner. Fresh with layers of sparkly flames, this dress will make you feel majestically mischevious. The dress zips up the front and has a deep sweetheart neckline with an attached “O” ring choker. Cutouts bound in ribbon accent the sides for a scandalous yet flattering look. The mini skirt hem has a flame-like ragged hem with gauze as well as orange flames underneath. Thick sparkles make this costume extra spangly for a show-time ready ensemble! The dress is topped off with a dramatically long tail as well as a pair of horns to top off this devilish look. Sins and SensibilityAre you ready to create a mischevious alter ego for yourself? This devilish costume is sure to stir up plenty of fun! Pair it with long gloves, wings, a pitchfork, or a pair of fun fishnets to customize this look just for your sense of style. Whether you’re at a costume party or mixing drinks for your demon friends, you’ll love rocking this spangly devilish costume!

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