Flamingo Costume for Kids


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Pink PerfectionYour very dedicated student just came home excited about their latest assignment. They’ve been told to research an animal, write a brief paper, and do a presentation on what they learned. Since your child isn’t one to do the bare minimum, they’ve already decided to research flamingos and have plans in mind for how they’ll get their next A+. First on their list of supplies is a standard tri-fold poster board. They want lots of pink paper, stickers, and markers to decorate their display. In their excitement, they’ve also asked if they can have a flamingo visit during their presentation.Chances are you are not going to be able to get a live flamingo for your child. Even if you could, the school probably wouldn’t appreciate the mess a flamingo would make or the risk that it would get loose and run the hallways. There are a couple of alternatives of course. Figurines and stuffed flamingo toys would look great in front of your kiddo’s poster. However, anything short of a living, breathing flamingo wouldn’t be near as extravagant. If your child were to become a flamingo though…Product DetailsYour child’s flamingo presentation will be impossible to beat with this Kids Flamingo Costume! They’ll be able to show how flamingos walk and stand instead of just discussing the behaviors. Your kid will bring the exotic birds to life with the bright pink skirt with attached wings. Extending from the skirt, a soft-sculpted neck connects to a headpiece featuring a flamingo beak and eyes. Dressed in this costume it’ll feel like real flamingo is present wherever your child goes!Flamingo MingleWhether your kid wants to be a flamingo for Halloween or impress the world with their knowledge of the elegant pink bird, this Kids Flamingo Costume is sure to please. Dressed like a flamingo, they’ll be ready to decorate the front lawn or bring a little summertime fun to any occasion!

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