Flip Up Mask Spider-Man Homecoming


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Spidey Snacks?Do you think Spider-Man works up a healthy hunger while he fights crime? Think about it. He’s out there doing backflips, web-slinging through the air, and battling it out with bad guys. All that physical activity must make a guy hungry, right? Well, unfortunately, Spidey didn’t really think about that when designing his mask, since it covers his entire head, including his mouth. If he wants to eat and drink, he has to the pull the whole thing off, or he has to bunch it all up around his eyes.The good news is that there’s a better way! So, if your child is itching to be Spider-Man AND he wants a healthy snack, there’s a perfect mask for him.Product DetailsThis Spider-Man Homecoming flip up mask combines Spidey’s signature look with a convenient design that lets your child snack and play hero! The mask has a molded top that fits with an elastic band. It has open eye-holes for vision and it has the classic webbing design on the front. The bottom portion of the mask is made from fabric and can be easily flipped up, so your child can have a snack in the middle of being Spidey.Superhero ConvenienceIf you child wants to enjoy snack time and superhero time at the same time, then this mask is perfect for your little one! It’s a convenient costume accessory for any young superhero in training!

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