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Wash Your HandsWhen Florence Nightingale came on the medical scene during the Crimean War, more soldiers were passing away due to sickness than injury. Once soldiers entered the medical bay they were exposed to some seriously awful bugs. When the sharp-eyed, diplomatic Nightingale saw the conditions of the medical tents she wrote to the government to tell them to save the soldiers through hygiene. Under pressure, the government went to work improving ventilation and sewage treatment.In the meantime, Florence implemented handwashing rules and trained nurses in keeping sanitary conditions. Under her watchful eye and lantern light, the rate of survival in the hospitals went from fifty-one percent to an amazing ninety-eight percent. It’s no wonder that, more than a hundred years later, we still remember her making her nightly rounds, lantern raised.Design & DetailsIf your child is a history buff, she’s sure to appreciate this Florence Nightingale costume, designed by our in-house creative team. The black dress and apron are separate, letting your child dress up in either without the other. The apron slips over the head and ties at the back. The dress zips up the back and has a red cross band around one arm. Topped off with a ruffled cap, this costume would make the proper Florence Nightingale proud!For the WinWhile most well to do young ladies were expected to stay at home, Florence had a calling that she couldn’t ignore. Her expectations for hygiene, patient care, and compassion elevated the skill of nursing and saved people all over the world! In fact, nurses still the Nightingale Pledge to this day! This costume can be completed with a lantern to represent Nightingale on her nightly routes, checking on patients as everyone else slept. Perfect for school projects, plays, and even an alternative Halloween costume, this look is a great way to celebrate an iconic hero of medicine!

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