Flower Child Sunglasses for Adults


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It’s all happening, honey child! It’s one groovy era and you are one groovy chick. In fact, you just might be the grooviest chick of all time. You’ve partied backstage with the Rolling Stones, you’ve swapped poetry with Jim Morrison, you’ve even had a long heart-to-heart with Joni Mitchell while sipping on Tequila Sunrises. You’re effortlessly cool and we can’t help but dig it.Travelling around the country, watching the most righteous bands perform live is really no big deal to a cool cat like you. The next time you embark on a road trip to see Led Zeppelin, make sure you wear these flower child sunglasses. In fact, the next time you’re listening to ‘Tiny Dancer’ alone in the dark with a single candle lit, wear these shades. Wear them all the time. Never take them off because it’s all happening around you; shield your eyes from the sun so you don’t miss a thing!

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