Frilly Queen of Hearts Costume for Girls

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War of the RosesMonarchs have been fighting over the color of roses for, well, long enough. White or red, red or white, either way, isn’t a rose okay as it is? Those aren’t even the only two colors to choose from, so why are these fancy people arguing about it? If we had a choice, we’d probably just go with glitter—no one can complain about glitter.Off with their heads!Except for the Queen of Hearts, we guess… She’s a stickler for those red roses. Her belief that roses should only come in red is so strong that she has her court paint them red if they should blossom in any other color. We’re also pretty sure she’s got some sort of audio bug wherever roses bloom. This is the millionth—we’ve legitimately lost track—time she’s gotten upset with us about wanting to not have exclusively red roses. However, we’ve got our excuse ready to keep our heads: simple flattery.Design & DetailsOur team of designers learned quickly to have a new and exciting wardrobe option for ol’ Queenie whenever we upset her. Our Frilly Queen of Hearts Costume for Kids is sure to keep us headed until the next offense. This Made by Us dress and jacket set are designed for the modern Queen of Hearts. A high-low skirt was designed with a top layer of black fabric and red trim and given a classic ruffle with a card-printed second layer. To give the Queen an extra bit of pomp and sophistication, the jacket features a tall, stiff collar and red, puffy sleeves. This layered dress is an instantly elegant and edgy clothing choice. Queen for a DayTemper aside, the Queen of Hearts is fun admire. She’s a passionate woman that rules over her own country (go, Queen!). It makes complete sense that your child loves portraying the Queen whenever they can. This Halloween, get them feeling and looking as royal as a queen!

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