Frozen 2 Classic Elsa Girls Costume

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New AdventuresElsa just can’t stay away from adventure. She may have gotten a happy ending in the first Frozen, but if you thought she was just going to sit around, living a quiet life in Castle Arendelle, then you’ve got another thing coming. After all, she has crazy ice powers and it would be a total waste if she spent all of her time hunkered down in some throne room… and that’s why she’s set out on a new quest in Disney’s Frozen II.Does your girl have a knack for adventure, just like Elsa? Does she want to save the day and become the Queen of Arendelle? Well, then maybe it’s time your little one set out on one of her own! With this Frozen II Elsa Classic Costume, your girl will be ready for anything!Product DetailsIf your girl is ready to become her favorite Disney Princess (well, queen technically), then she’s going to need this officially licensed costume! Based on Elsa’s appearance from Frozen II, this costume comes with a beautiful dress with an ombre blue color. The exterior comes with a glittering snowflake pattern that will make your little girl feel like she has some ice powers of her own! It even has white sequins on the chest to continue the flashy ice theme. The attached belt cinches the whole look together for a completely regal style! The attached cape also has a glitter pattern and finished the whole thing off to make your girl look like a princess ready for adventure!Ice Power 2.0Now, your little Frozen fan will be ready to save Arendelle! With this Elsa Costume, your child will look just like her favorite character from the movie. Of course, you might need to remind her that she doesn’t ACTUALLY have any ice powers.

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