Frozen Olaf Union Suit for Boys


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Do Ya Wanna Build a Snowman?To build a snowman, start with a handful of snow. Pack or roll layers of the frozen substance onto the starting ball until it is as large as you’d like—be sure to leave plenty of snow on the ground, you’ll repeat this step 2 more times. For section 2 follow step 1 but make the second ball smaller than the first. For the final section follow the same steps again, but be sure to leave this section even smaller than the second. Build the frame of your snowman by stacking the 3 sections—largest on the bottom and smallest on the top. Now its time to add details! Consider a hat and scarf. Don’t forget to add stick arms, a large carrot nose, and either rocks or coal for the eyes and optional buttons. Or get wild and decorate the frozen beauty however you’d like. Then, voila! You have a full-fledged snowman.Of course, sometimes the snow doesn’t fall enough to build a proper snowman, and other times we live in a snowless wonderland. It can be a big disappointment to your kid if the conditions aren’t right for snowman building, but we know a way you can still bring the wintery favorite to life!Product DetailsSnow or no, your kiddo can build a snowman with this Frozen Olaf Union Suit! They’ll be ready to bring the happiest snowman to life with the hooded-jumpsuit whether its bedtime or playtime. The hood features a soft-sculpted nose and sprig of hair with embroidered eyes to give Olaf his signature look! And the super-soft blanket sleeper will make chilly winter nights, no bother at all, while the loose-fit construction keeps your child ready for every Frozen adventure.Olaf’s Less Frozen AdventureGet ready to enjoy a new Olaf adventure with this cozy jumpsuit! Whether your kiddo is settling in for a warm and snuggly Frozen movie night or reliving every journey through Arendelle at playtime, this officially licensed Olaf Union Suit is up for the fun!

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