Fun World Child Skull Makeup Kit


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Face the SeasonIs your kiddo oh so ready to get spooky this season? There’s no costume more classic than a skeleton. Some people might wonder why that is. There are many different scary characters out there, after all. From the classic movie monsters to sharp-tooth vampires, all children have a lot of choices. But nothing can beat the skeleton. A skull isn’t a monster or supernatural creature. It’s a secret mask that lies inside all of us. We all hide a skull. On Halloween, our inner skull comes out to play, adding spirit to the spooky season. Product DetailsDespite being a Halloween and Day of the Dead staple, skull makeup can be a little daunting. When you’ve got this kit, you can conquer a boney faced look once and for all with the confidence that you’ve got everything you need, including instructions. White cream makeup makes up the base while the black makes hollows under the eyes and cheekbones. The red and green colors can add gruesome touches for a creative twist. No Bones About ItOnce this set comes, you’re sure to feel pumped for the spooky season too. Any costume can have a spooky skull twist from pirates to ninjas. It’s Halloween, you do you!

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