Funny Bunny Onesie for Kids


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One Funny BunnyEvery weekend, you’re treated to a variety show about rabbits. Your child practices their comedic timing all week in order to nail jokes like Did you hear about the rabbit that refused to leave her house? She was having a bad hare day! You chuckle at every one-liner and knock-knock joke that your child deals out, fully embracing the pun-filled bunny-themed stand-up. Your kid has gotten so good at delivering the laughs at home that when you heard about their school talent show you encouraged them to sign up. They came home the next day and nervously told you they’d be the 4th act to perform.When they ran their routine that weekend, however, their nerves got the better of them. When they tried a new joke they completely stumbled over the set-up and punchline. And you realized your funny bunny needed a boost of confidence.Design and DetailsYour child will be feeling hoppier than ever in this Kids Funny Bunny Onesie. This Made by Us jumpsuit is designed to keep your kiddo cozy and warm with soft velour fabric. Rib-knit cuffs at the ankles and wrists help keep the costume from shifting while a hidden zipper down the front makes getting dressed in the costume easily. The attached hood features soft-sculpted ears and appliqued eyes and nose to complete their transformation. Whether they’re curling up for a snuggle on the couch or getting ready to knock the socks off their adoring audience with a good bunny joke, this exclusive ensemble has them covered!Hop to ItIt can be hard to get your child to hustle when it’s time to hit the hay. With this Funny Bunny Onesie for kids, however, your child will hop to it without any hesitation! Every-bunny is sure to love this cozy costume when it has your child ready for Halloween, Easter, or even a good night’s sleep!

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