Gas Mask Doomsday


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Classics of the ApocolypseHorror fan? Then you know all about the end of the world or the end of civilization whichever you prefer. There are a few classics that accompany the end of everything we know and love. For one, there’s the rush to the grocery store for supplies. First people are panicked then someone gets mad and a big fight or riot breaks out. The protagonist of the story usually escapes but not without a close call. What else? Hmm, there’s the scene where people are shuttering their windows to hide their home from aliens or zombies or demonic forces. But a detail that says apocalypse more than anything else? That classic view of someone roaming the streets in a gas mask. We just don’t think you can picture the end of the world without a great gas mask scene!Product DetailsWant to look like a survivor? How about a dangerous rover looking to scavenge a supposedly long-dead city? This gas mask is the perfect thing to set you in the right direction. The unconventional teeth-like molding in front, as well as the spikes on the filters, ensures that people won’t think your mask is of military issue. Faded metallic colors and intricate details make this mask a great choice for steampunk characters and zombie survivors alike!

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