Ghastly Ghost Kids Costume


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Ha-ha-haunting!Do you have a comic genius running around the house? Have they offered: What are a ghost’s favorite rides at the fair? The scary-go-round and roller-ghoster!What about this one: What’s a ghoul’s favorite game on Halloween? Hide-and-ghost-seek!Heard that one too? Clearly, your resident comedian is also into Halloween. So how about this: Which ghost is the best dancer? The Boogie Man!Yeah, we figured. It’s a punny world and it’s hard to escape the playful hilarity. This year your kiddo is looking to combine their wit and love of all things spooky with their Halloween costume. Without dressing like a clown, you weren’t sure how they could pull it all together, then they suggested being a classic, friendly ghost. Of course! Simple and silly, there’s nothing better than the classic ghost costume, except maybe a version that doesn’t ruin the sheets and keeps your kiddo warm while they trick-or-treat with their friends.Design & DetailsAll jokes aside, this Child Ghastly Ghost Costume is just the answer to your kiddo’s costume goals. In this Made by Us exclusive, your kiddo will be outfitted in super-soft polar fleece, perfect for a chilly Halloween night. The bright white fabric is made to look ghostly with black eyes and mouth in a recognizable boo-face. The simple zippered jumpsuit covers ankles to head in a loose shape and allows your kiddo to wear whatever is comfortable underneath.No Need to Boo-hooThis costume is so cozy and warm, your kiddo might just want to wear it all season long. We wouldn’t blame them. The fleece body is the perfect way to relax and settle in for a peaceful rest. They’ll be ready for too much candy on Halloween and then to crawl right into bed without the hassle of pulling out their pajamas. Jealous? Don’t worry, this ghost can be found in adult sizes too!

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