Ghillie Costume Suit for Kids


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Do you know how special forces and elite snipers are able to sneak up on their objectives without getting caught? The years of training and extreme determination help, but the real key to their sneaky successes are their ghillie suits. Get your little commando this awesome Ghillie Suit, and give their military costume the professional edge!Anyone who has seen an action movie has seen soldiers wearing those strange suits that make them look a suspicious pile of shrubbery (or maybe a shaggy dog that really needs to be brushed). But, ghillie suits aren’t just designed to make the soldier blend in with bushes and grass; they help show off how good they are at sneaking around. That might sound a little confusing, since why would a suit that’s supposed to make someone disappear want to be showing anything off? It’s simple, really, since if a military commando is able to convince an enemy guard they are just an innocent bush wherever they go, then sneaking up on a bad guy in the middle of the woods or a swamp should be a piece of cake! At least, they make it look easy in the movies…Your little trooper should have no problem being stealthy in this bushy camouflage suit when they set out on their mission. Individual, earth-tone colored strands are attached to the jumpsuit, and the matching mask makes suiting up quick and easy. Whether wearing it on a trick-or-treat recon mission, or just playing soldiers for fun, this ghillie suit will keep him out of sight!

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