Ghost Papa II Standard Mask for Adults


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Coffee and chocolate. Wine and cheese. Horror movies and heavy metal. What do these things have in common? They all pair perfectly together! We’re not sure what comes first at this point. Horror movies have gotten better with the intensity of the heavy metal community. Heavy metal incorporates dark movie imagery into their songs on the regular, embracing classic settings in their music videos and hinting at spooky scenarios with their thrill building guitar riffs. As much as their music rocks, the band Ghost isn’t only about a good beat and complicated melodies. They become different people when they’re up on stage, calling up the dead with their instruments. . . and a makeup and masking. Their look makes for an unforgettable concert and now it can be yours! Become Ghost Papa with this easy on, eye catching mask. For an otherworldly look, it has a black neck and head, making the white boney details pop out. The mask is detailed with stern frown lines on the mouth, around the eyes, and forehead. Don’t worry about painting on that tricky skull paint for your rocking look this year. Make it simple with this intense and durable Ghost Papa II mask. Alright ghouls, cue the smoke machine!

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