Ghostbusters No Ghosts Inflatable Costume


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Can’t Catch What You Can’t SeeHow would you hide a ghost? That might seem like a pointless question. Ghosts are, most often, completely invisible. It takes a lot of energy for ghosts to visually manifest, and then they’ve probably taken all the light out of a place so no one can see them anyway. But, theoretically, if a ghost needed to travel from haunted house to deserted graveyard to escape a ghost hunter, how would they do it without being seen?Like most things, ghosts are best hidden in plain sight. Not a soul would think to check the front yard for a ghost, just like they wouldn’t check an empty hallway for a missing item of clothes. So, we think the safest way to hide a ghost is in a place that no ghost belongs: A No Ghosts sign. Not even the Ghostbusters thought to check if there was a ghost just lurking in their own logo, so it’s clear to us that there’s no better hiding place for ghosts!Product DetailsThis Inflatable No Ghosts Costume will help you get the next ghost you meet to safety. They can slip inside the inflatable jumpsuit and drift to their final destination without a care in the world. If the traveling ghost can’t help but make worried noises, you can blame the sound on the whirring fan used to keep the suit inflated. With the universal sign for No slung around the ghost’s neck, you can escort them from place to place with confidence—there’s no ghost here!What a ScreamWhether you’re looking to relocate a ghost without detection or just aiming to cause some laughter this Halloween you’ll be set with this Ghostbusters No Ghosts Costume. No one will suspect ghosts are about with a “No” sign present and you’ll look a scream dressed is this clever ghost costume!

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