Giant Boob Costume


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In this day and age, even with the internet, smartphones, and constant contact with everyone you know, it can still be tough to keep up with everything going on in the world. If you’re wearing this silly Giant Boob Costume, though, you won’t have any problem staying abreast of things!Of course, there are many things one could be referring to when talking about a “giant boob” besides a… ahem, you know. They might be talking about somebody they know who is not very bright. Or, maybe someone is having a heated discussion about a particularly large specimen of a famous tropical bird with blue feet they saw in a nature documentary. This costume obviously isn’t about dim witted folks or blue footed boobies, but with the right accessories and a bit of ingenuity, it could be! Put on a latex mask of your favorite celebrity to make fun of, or a pair of blue shoes or boots, and you can add a whole new level to this already voluptuous costume!This plush foam boob suit is a pretty simple look, so it’s easy to customize and turn into an even more unique costume that’s sure to get some laughs! It loops around your neck and ties up in the back, so you won’t have any problems fitting it over your other clothes and accessories. But, if you just want to sport this look the au naturale way, team up with a buddy who’s also wearing one, and you two will make a lovely pair!

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