Giraffe Costume for Girls


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A Junior GiraffeReaching those top leaves? Easy, peasy. All she needs is a lesson in giraffe-onomics. And the big thing that keeps the tall leaves flowing into the food stream? Those giraffe necks!Of course, she’s just a junior giraffe, or at least she’s about to be when she suits up in this Girls’ Giraffe Costume. So, she still has plenty of time to grow her neck! But she can get her savannah roaming style locked in, and practice her future giraffe career when she’s all decked out in this exclusive costume. She can hit the books to study up for her future, or just have fun at the costume party. Networking is important for any occupation, after all! Whatever kind of adventure she chooses, we’re sure she’ll have a giraffe-a-riffic blast in this costume.Design & DetailsWe crafted this costume design right here in our own costume studios, which means you’re only going to find it for sale right here at! And we made this costume a fun and funky animal style that we’re sure kids will love. It comes as a one-piece dress. And all the fabrics are soft faux fur! A tail is attached to the dress, and it comes with a giraffe headband, too, to complete the appearance. She can complete the look with sneakers and leggings, and some makeup effects like we have it pictured.Bringing the wild world to lifeWe love animal costumes here at, which is probably why we have the world’s largest selection to choose from. That’s right, we really do! So, whether it’s giraffes on the mind, or any other flora or fauna, we’ve got plenty of fun costume selections. Check ’em all out, we’re sure you’ll make a great selection!

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