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REVEAL HER TRUE FORMHow often do you have those moments when you look at your child and realize that there is something more behind her normal appearance… something below the surface that is just waiting to shine through and reveal itself. Naturally, life with the tykes can offer a complicated array of feelings. You might feel tested on a daily basis, your patience stretched to its limit. Yet, all the while, you have such a sense of wonder and love.Well, that’s practically heavenly, wouldn’t you think? In fact, with all the trials that kids seem to put us through only to ultimately reward us with those sincere gifts that remind us it was all worth it, it might be a literal heavenly thing we’re dealing with! Perhaps all those times you’ve referred to your “little angel,” you were a little closer to the actual truth than you had been thinking… and now it’s time to see exactly what an angel looks like.DESIGN & DETAILSWith a little help from our heavenly team of in-house designers, your angel can finally earn some wings! This exclusive Angel Costume features a holy combination in a dress, wings, and halo. The cream-colored dress has full-length lace sleeves and ruffled tiers down the skirt, all accented by golden trim. The halo features a golden loop with cream flowers along the headband. The wings are worn on the back and split into two velvet semicircles with printing to highlight the feathers. The actual flying might take some practice, though.EVERY TIME A CELL RINGS…Your kiddo might have put you through a ton of trials that you didn’t exactly love but has also brought light into your life that you couldn’t imagine living without. It’s time to let her show off that inner grace with the halo, gown, and wings of the angel she truly is.

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