Girls Bloodthirsty Vampire Costume

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Are her fangs coming in quite nicely? Then it’s probably going to be a good idea to get her a devious look to let her embrace her Transylvanian heritage. And this girl’s Bloodthristy Vampire costume is sure to be the perfect look! Whether she’d like a macabre style for her big soiree at the village get-together, or she just wants a chill style for when your family is spending quality time together within your castle’s walls, she’s sure to feel ready to embrace her lineage with this exclusive look!Prop fangs and some blood makeup will enhance this costume, even if she’s a little bit young to be out and about in search of fresh necks. This costume is made and designed by us right here at, and we’ve taken our favorite top Transylvanian looks and consolidated them into this stunning dress ensemble. A two tone gown features gorgeous red crushed velvet overlay that is cut into a blood drip pattern. The black skirt and bell sleeves add just the right amount of contrast; high formed neck collar, attached black belt and elegant gold trim complete this castle worthy look.When your child has this one-of-a-kind Vampiress costume, we’re sure she’ll be ready to embrace her Transylvanian roots, even if it’s all pretend and she doesn’t have any Vampire DNA! For a fun Halloween costume, or for a true Transylvanian out on the lam, this costume is sure to be just the look for her!

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