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BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR…Coraline wanted a different mother; an attentive and doting mother, but Coraline realized it wasn’t what she wanted at all once she got it. Other Mother turned out to be a complete basket case, tricking children into staying with her, convincing them to give up their eyeballs, and then replacing them with buttons. Um, yikes, no thanks! We’d take a slightly distracted mom over an eye-ball snatching maniac any day, which brings us to the next topic: blue hair. You may think you want blue hair, but once it’s dyed a shocking shade of blue, you’ll miss your old hair. Instead, save yourself from regret and disappointment with a girl’s Coraline wig instead. It’s not permanent and the Other Mother won’t sew anything onto your body so it’s perfect. PRODUCT DETAILSTurning into Coraline Jones doesn’t have to involve ghost children and a talking black cat as long as you have the officially licensed girl’s Coraline wig. A high-quality and expertly crafted Made by Us accessory, this bright blue wig has an interior mesh netting for comfort and a rhinestone dragonfly hair clip for embellishment. NOW YOU’RE A DOPPELGANGER TOOPick up the officially licensed Coraline costume for girls to become Coraline’s look-alike!

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