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Maximum Velocity!Some people might not think that running fast is a superpower. That’s just because those people have never seen The Flash in action… quite literally! In the comic books, The Flash could reach speeds beyond the speed of light. That means when he’s doing his thing, you can’t even see it happening. Now… your young superhero-in-training might not quite be THAT fast just yet, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?Well, we recommend starting your girl off in this Justice League Girl’s Flash Costume. It’ll help her get the look she needs to start training for maximum velocity! It’s the perfect outfit for training in the ways of the Speed Force.Product DetailsThis girl’s costume is an officially licensed costume from DC! Based on The Flash’s outfit from Justice League, the jumpsuit captures plenty of great details from the movie. It has printed armor throughout the entire jumpsuit and it has The Flash’s lightning bolt symbol on the chest in molded vinyl. Villains beware—it also has some molded vinyl shin guards to give it a battle-ready look! The suit is made out of a spandex blend material and fits with a zipper in the back to help provide a comfortable fit for any young hero. Finally, the costume comes with a molded plastic mask to help your child protect her secret identity as she’s performing heroic deeds! It fits with an elastic band around the forehead and has openings in front for her eyes. It all combines for a look worthy of the newest member of the Justice League.Speed Force MasteryIf your child wants to master the Speed Force, or if she just loves to run, then this Flash costume is the right outfit for her. It’s the easiest way to gear up any young superhero!

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