Girls Courageous Forest Princess Costume

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Be courageous, and fight dragons.There is no telling what a princess might find when she wanders in the Scottish woods. Will there be tree sprites? Looking to play tricks on the little princess. If she turns over a rock will she find the fairies that live beneath it? Will she freeze if she runs into Beira, the Queen of Winter? She doesn’t know how to “let it go”, like some other ice queens.Your daughter would jump at the chance to meet magical beings in the forest. She is always telling you how she would like to meet a fairy. How she would be nice to any mystical beings she ran across. She gobbles up the adventurous stories that her Uncle Angus tells her of the Scottish Isles.Let your little girl become a fearless Scottish princess with this Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume. She will be singing the songs of the tree sprites in no time. And acting out the stories Uncle Angus tells her of the dragons that live in the Highlands, only she doesn’t need a prince to save her like the princesses in those stories. No, she will save herself with her fighting skills. She won’t be the kind of princess that gets tricked by tree sprites, or captured by Beira, the Queen of Winter. She will play with the fairies that live under rocks, and have heroic adventures.

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