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Horse SenseAlright, clearly you have a child on your hands that fits the following description: They are either fans of horses and horse riding or they’ve been trained how to hold their own at a horse riding tournament from years of riding lessons. They are also being rather ornery about dressing up for Halloween this year, claiming they’re too old for Halloween costumes (never fear, it’s a short-lived phase).Since you were nodding along to everything above, we have a great way to help you get your child ready for Halloween without them even realizing it’s happened! Let them hand out candy, or chaperone their younger siblings trick-or-treating as a jockey. They’re already familiar with the style, it’s clearly influenced the casual autumn wardrobe of most young people (fashion boots, jackets, and skinny pants…) and they’ll have a sophisticated costume that will compliment their “too mature for Halloween” attitude.Design & DetailsOur team of costume designers came up with this elegant Equestrian Costume that is perfect for your situation. With a special attention to detail, this 5-piece ensemble will provide your child with everything they would need in an equestrian competition. The double-lapel jacket, featuring vintage-inspired gold buttons, is complimented nicely by a black velvet riding helmet. The white fitted-pants and jabot help complete this fashion-forward look by adding a good amount of contrast against the sleek black of the helmet, jacket, and boot covers. Your child will look ready for a day at the races when they wear this Made By Us costume.Uncompromising FashionA fashionable young child is nothing to mess with. They have very discerning tastes and refuse to enter a public space without feeling perfectly comfortable and well put together in their outfit of the day. If that’s interfering with Halloween plans, this exclusive Equestrian Costume will get them ready for a night of trick-or-treating without compromising their personal sense of fashion!

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