Girls Fawn Accessory Kit


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Dear CostumeWe’ve had a lot of cute costumes over the years. Not just because of our business ( and all), but personally we’ve had a lot of cute outfits. We’ve worn outfits for fairies and butterflies, and costumes for kittens and puppies. We’re a big fan of what we like to call the “cute factor.” If a costume is made unbearably cute, whether, through design or implementation, everyone will love it. Cute costumes make everyone feel better about life. It’s practically a provable fact. And for that? We’re grateful to all of our cute costumes that have come before. Product DetailsIf you know someone who relishes in the idea of cute and wants to make others around them go “aw,” then maybe they need this costume kit. This Kids Fawn Accessory Kit is just what your young one needs to be an adorable baby deer. The kit includes a pink skirt with an overlay of fluffy brown tulle, and a splash of creme colored tulle with sequins down the middle. The kit also comes with a headband with attached antlers and flowers, and glitter detailing. Did we mention the adorable fawn tail attached to the back of the skirt? Because there is one. Now just sit back, relax, and watch your little one go forth and spread the cuteness.

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