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Kids these days have pretty active imaginations. You ask them what they want to be when they grow up, and they’ve got answers that some of us would have never dreamed of! Nobody is just a doctor, anymore. They’re robot doctors with laser eyes! Who wants to just be a lawyer when you can be a superhero lawyer with mounted jetpacks and a psychic zombie dog ally? Action Hero President? With ambitions like that, they’re going to need to be hooked up with some kind of all-powerful genie to start granting those wishes. Heck, they’d need to practically be gods to accomplish those sorts of ideas!Oh, dear. And with that very utterance, we just know that those tykes are already raising their ambitions even higher. Yup, we can hear it now. They want to be a god of laser-eyed jetpack dog lawyer/doctors! Well, we’ve seen a ton of wizards and witches and just as many kings and even emperors… but, we have to admit that we don’t see too many deities running around in the world. So, perhaps there are some opportunities, especially for some kids! Heck, how many gods do we even hear about these days? The Greeks, of course, have lasted long into the modern stories, not to mention Thor, especially thanks to a certain group of Avengers. But, child gods are a brand new field and we think it is about time to fill the position!No matter what kind of deity your kiddo wants to be, we’ve got the right Goddess costume to help that happen. This sleeveless empire-waist dress has a back zipper for easy fitting and a fully lined chiffon bodice trimmed with black and gold brocade for a comfortable and amazing looking wear. The gold-lined cape has ribbon edging and the headband makes for an exquisite golden leaf crown. Now, your kiddo just has to figure out what to be the deity of. We recommend “Candy” before someone else takes up the domain. Join up as a sister goddess and rule the world… at least for a night.

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