Girl’s Hollywood Diva Costume


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Oh, dahling I’ve just had the most wonderful day! I’ve dinned at Spago in Beverly Hills, and it was fantastic!Your little girl has always had expensive tastes. She likes her diamond tiara, and her silk bed sheets. She likes her coffee in the morning brought to her after 10am from a french press. She likes the latest gadgets, but mostly she loves her two floor walk in closet full of the trendiest styles.Okay, so maybe your daughter isn’t quite that over the top. But she still does like to look fancy, and she keeps asking for diamond earrings. Really she just enjoys looking like Audrey Hepburn whenever she can. She likes the way Audrey walks. The way she talks. She loves Audrey’s sassy nature, and the way she dresses. It is a special kind of classy that your daughter wants to become.This year she can live out some of her expensive tastes. She can put on this Girl’s Hollywood Diva Costume, and experience a life of luxury, and fame. She will be calling your kitchen table the Spago of Beverly Hills, and demanding her coffee be delivered to her on a silver platter. Or she will just be excited that she can dress up like her favorite Hollywood gal Audrey Hepburn. Wearing this black sparkly dress for a relaxing day out on the town. She wont even get a chill with the white faux fur stole wrapped around her shoulders. She might however continue to exclaim “Oh, dahling!” when she talks.

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