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BEAUTY SHOPPING AT DISNEYRumors around the Disney Kingdom are that Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck have opened up a delightful boutique. They sell high-heels, polka-dot dresses, and bows of every color. Of course, Minnie’s favorite color is red while Daily seems to prefer blue, but they both agree that finding outfits and costumes for all their friends who stop into the store is the most delightful fun! Styling and giving people make-overs makes them so happy, but they do have one major problem…What can they possibly name such a wondrous location!? It needs to be something that captivates the residents of the whole world. Something that is just as cute and adorable as the duo but that also makes it very clear what their best selling product may be. They do love dresses and such but everyone knows that their specialty is the bow! That is when Goofy of all people struck genius! He tripped and knocked his noggin on the counter and saw bows flying around his head. The name was obvious: Minnie and Daisy’s Bow-tique!FUN DETAILS In celebration of the brand new name, we’re happy to offer up this Minnie Mouse Costume Hoodie. Your little Mouseketeer will feel like Minnie Mouse whenever they wear it! The hoodie is covered in red and white polka-dots with an adorable white collar and red cuffs. Wherever the adventures of the day take your tyke, they will be comfortable and warm and will love putting up the hood which features attached ears and a red polka-dot bow! Next, they’ll be wanting to go to Disneyland to meet their fashion icon. You might want to find a look just like it, yourself! YOU CAN’T HAVE A BAD DAY IN POLKA-DOTSIt is law in the lands of Disney that anyone in polka-dots has to be having a great time! That’s probably why this Minnie Mouse Hoodie is a top seller at the Disney Bow-tique!

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