Girls Ninja Warrior Costume

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So your kid isn’t really into the magical ponies? Or the plastic babies and fake jewelry? Your kid likes swords and weapons and sneaking around like an assassin in the dead of night? Well, we approve.Honestly, it’s not like your child can only have it one way or another. As far as we see it, there’s no reason the beautiful princess shouldn’t also carry a sword; it’s only practical. And there’s no excuses why a warrior can’t also wear a pretty pink skirt and jewelry. Even warriors need to look fabulous on occasion.But ultimately, we’re more likely to see a legion of princesses than not. Which is completely fine, if that’s what they like. But for some kids? That’s not good enough. They want the life of adventure and action. Of close-calls and epic battles. Some feisty kids want a life in the shadows and filled with swords, throwing stars, and sneaky quests. If your child is one of these, look no further than our Ninja Warrior Costume. Our outfit has a sleeveless pull-over dress and belt. There’s also glove and leg warmers and a headband, with various pieces having printed throwing star and dragon graphics. If your child puts on this outfit? Everyone will know exactly how ferocious and deadly they can be. Tiara or no.

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