Girl’s Pink and Black Striped Tights


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Super StripesWelcome to, your one-stop-shop for all of your costuming needs… Sorry. Old habits. You probably already can tell why we’re here, given our name, so we’ll just skip the rest of the schpeel, shall we? Instead of giving you the canned tour, how about we focus on you and what you need. What are you looking for? A pirate hat? A neon wig? A sparkly tutu? Belts, bags, or boots? Skirts, petticoats, or eyepatches? Don’t worry, we’ve probably got exactly what you need (or something dang close).Tights you say? Sure we’ve got tights. We’ve got colored tights, patterned tights, adult tights and more. Take, for instance, this beautiful pair right here. These are our Child Pink and Black Striped Tights. Just like the name infers, these nylon blend tights are made for kids. This particular pair has bright pink and black stripes running the length of them, which makes them particularly colorful. They’re perfect for any kid who wants to be a witch, fairy, or pirate with a streak of pink. There you have it. Now that your need for tights has been satiated, we might recommend checking our our excellent collection of wands and hats…

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