Girl’s Plus Size Christmas Costume 1X 2X


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Well, if it isn’t you!? Who!? Why, you, who!? And anytime we see this particular who, we know it is approaching time for the most celebrated of holidays. Festive cheer is about to spread across the entire village and everyone will soon be decorating their tree with all the best tinsel and placing presents under the tree for the morning to come. Soon after, we’ll gather up in a big ring around the center city tree and sing carols together in a great celebration of the most generous and kindly of holidays!Well, almost everyone. There are always a few that want to complain about the holiday spirit and may even act to bring the rest of us down. But, we know exactly who is going to resist all of that bah-humbugery! But, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right style. You want to fit into the Christmas spirit while also standing out as your own person. You don’t want anyone not sure which Who you are, after all!So, what does a girl wear during the most wonderful time of year? If you’re tired of sporting Santa hats and holiday sweaters to advertise your excitement for the holidays, try wearing this Christmas Girl costume! The cute checkered design and fur trimmed cape will have you looking like you’re ready to wrap presents and trim the tree! Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to start singing Christmas carols while joining hands with your neighbors. Remember to sing loudly to make even the grumpiest folks feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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