Girl’s Princess Beauty Costume


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Timeless TaleIn this gorgeous, golden outfit, your little girl can follow in the footsteps of her favorite princesses…or, she can feel free to make up daring adventures, whimsical romance, and stunning stories from her own creative mind! The beauty of a look like this is how much it will spark her imagination to step into her favorite storylines or to strike out on her own.Maybe she’s the guest of honor at a castle ball, or perhaps she’s a daring princess famed for taming unicorns; she could be a brilliant scientist princess, or the gal known across the lands as the bravest pirate princess ever known. The point is, she can be anything she wants, and still feel like the belle of the ball in this gown. And if that isn’t the height of dress-up sophistication and fun, well then, we don’t know what is!Product DetailsThis detailed yellow gown is fit for a fine party, exquisite dinner, or Halloween festivities, of course! It’s also fit for…whatever your kiddo wants to wear it for. Reading fairy tales at the library? Certainly! Baking cupcakes for a party? Yes, just…wear an apron! Building robots in the garage? Naturally. Playing on the playground? Uh…sure! The long, yellow gown is adorned with a glittery pattern across the bodice and translucent sleeves. A gentle waist peplum and puffed shoulders give the look elegant appeal. And she knows that nothing says “princess” like a perfectly placed tiara!Guest of HonorOne fantastic way for your child to enjoy her new princess dress is to wear it to her birthday party, long after trick-or-treating has come to an end. She’ll be the center of attention, and she can make up a fantastic adventure for her friends to help bring to life…after cake, of course!

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