Girls Purple Moon Witch Costume


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Witch academies are becoming harder and harder to get into these days! They only accept the most promising young wizards and witches into their classrooms, which is why it’s best to start training your little girl in the magic arts right away. They’ll expect her to know how to ride a broom, how to cook up some potions in a bubbling cauldron, and, of course, they’ll expect her to be dressed for the part.We never were that great at the art of sorcery. We could never get the hang of mixing potions or using a wand properly, but we ARE costume experts and we wanted to help your child become the greatest spell caster ever, so we did the one thing we do better than anyone else! We made a costume and this Purple Moon Witch costume is our take on the classic witch look.We started with a hat. Every witch worth her salt wears one and we wanted to design the perfect one! With a classic brim and a long, pointy top, it provides a look that can compete with any witch from a classic fairy tale. But we didn’t stop there, oh no! Witches are known for their magical robes. As we mentioned before, we’re not good at casting real magic, so we loaded this cute dress with magical-looking purple moons and stars to give the look of sorcery. To top it all off, the purple belt has a moon buckle to help your little girl harness the power of the moon during her next spell. When your girl has it on, she can feel confident about applying to any magical academy!

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